Recovery of Atlantic fauna and protective gastronomic gel in the age of Covid.

Sponsored by Cabildo de Tenerife

Researching the traditional cuisine of Tenerife has led Schattenhofer to recover produce that had almost been forgotten.

Diego Schattenhofer is now almost more of a Canary islander than an Argentine. Having lived on the islands for almost 20 years, but especially with the extraordinary interest he has in discovering the dishes, ingredients and produce of ancestral Canary Islands cuisine, this chef has become a real expert in the subject. His research has led him to collaborate closely with historians and anthropologists, which has enabled him to recover flavours that in many areas were now only memories.

We’ll learn more about his rediscoveries, which focus especially on the sea (fish and seafood), at San Sebastian Gastronomika- Euskadi Basque Country during his presentation sponsored by the Tenerife Island Council.

We will also attend a unique presentation in the age of Covid: a protective gastronomic gel.




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