The “ecotrattoria” of the chef-farmer

For Pietro Zito the link between the land and gastronomy is quite clear: you can’t have a restaurant without a garden.

Zito, in his own words, is more like a farmer than a chef. In short, he is a farmer who cooks. This is the philosophy that he will be talking to us about at San Sebastian Gastronomika- Euskadi Basque Country; about the need to reconnect with the land. A philosophy that is not only theoretical, but which he puts into practice at his restaurant, Antichi Sapori, which includes a 1,5000 square-metre garden where he grows local species, some of which have been recovered.

We’ll learn about his experience as a chef-farmer (having studied to be an agricultural engineer with valuable experience in his father’s fields) in charge of his biodynamic garden.




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