Post-bistronomic and heterodox Cooking using your wrist

Bistronomy: Bistro and gastronomy. Haute cuisine at more accessible prices.

A concept that arose out of the need to define the kind of establishments that offer exquisite, meticulously-prepared and refined food, but aim to reach the general public. Like all labels, not everyone is convinced; but it is quite clear that there are magical places where you can eat well, really well, -and where the cooking has a personality all of its own-, at reasonable prices.

We will be debating the future of this trend with some of the chefs linked to this movement: Rafa Peña (Gresca, Barcelona); Carlos Torres (La Buena Vida, Madrid); César Martín (laKasa, Madrid); Jordi Vilà (Alkostat, Barcelona) and Pedro Sánchez, (Bagá, Jaen).




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