Valladolid. Bar and tapas.

Sponsored by Ayuntamiento de Valladolid

We will learn secrets about the tapas in Valladolid from the most awarded chefs of miniature cuisine in the city through which the Pisuerga flows.

Valladolid has become a master in the art of making tapas. Affection for the miniature cuisine of its chefs extends beyond the city's borders and Valladolid is now known as the capital of tapas, as it is the city that hosts the National Competition and the World Tapas Championship every year in November. Some of the best masters of this culinary art have volunteered to demonstrate the essence of the success of tapas in Valladolid, showing some of the creations that can be tasted in the city's bars. Mouthfuls that stand out for the quality of their raw materials, their originality, but above all for their flavour and the story they convey to those tasting them. A masterclass in the art of tapas.





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