Synchronies: chefs as part of the ecosystem and its cycles

The interrelationship between chefs and the land is part of an ancestral culinary culture but also one with a future.

Chefs and producers can be seen as two sides of the same coin. One cannot exist without the other, they complement each other, interact, grow and live together. And they are both immersed in the same circle: that of nature, which establishes cycles and sets the rules. It is when chefs become aware of being part of a whole, of a very particular ecosystem, that their work transcends purely their work in the kitchen.

Javier Olleros considers this special feature a privilege and will show us how they use that interrelationship with the land and producers at El Culler de Pau, also working with them when the land produces a surplus. You have to take what nature has to offer. It is a cycle, a perpetual movement in which chefs are just another cog in the wheel.





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