The delicious versatility of Iberian ham: from the Meadows of Andalusia to the kitchen

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Iberian ham is more than select hams and palettes: there is a whole world of possibilities based around meat from Iberian pigs raised in the Meadows of Andalusia.

Andalusia is a community with an abundant ecosystem that is unique in Europe, the Dehesa (Meadow), the natural habitat of one of the most representative animals of cattle breeding in this region - the Iberian pig. The qualities that are inherent to the Iberian pig, together with extensive rearing, a healthy diet and a sustainable production method, that is a characteristic feature of the Dehesa, mean that the meat from this animal is a genuine delicacy that com-bines flavour, health and sustainability. A level of excellence whose leading exponents are the two Protected Designations of Origin that in Andalusia safeguard the production of Iberian hams and palettes: the “Jabugo” PDO in Huelva, and the “Los Pedroches” PDO in Cordoba. This is an authentic delicatessen where you can discover its curing and production process, and also have the opportunity to see a professional ham slicer in action.

However, apart from its star product, there is also a whole world of gastronomic possibilities based around Iberian pork, whose traditional carving-up provides as many cuts as uses for cooking. Learn how to get the most out of all this with the recommendations by the chef from Huelva, Xanty Elías, from the Acanthum restaurant, which has been awarded a Michelin star.




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