Rioja: 100 years are nothing. A look into the future

Sponsored by DOCa Rioja

Rioja is a vibrant brand. An overview of the history of Rioja to provide an up-to-date comprehensive perspective of the oldest Wine with a certificate of origin in Spain.

The thousand-year-old winegrowing region of Rioja is located in the north of Spain on both Banks of the River Ebro, flanked by the majestic Sierra de Cantabria and Sierra de la Demanda. Exceptional conditions for growing grapes made this area the top-quality wine-producing region par excellence in Spain centuries ago, a pioneering character that has merely grown and become more consolidated as time has gone by.

Rioja markets itself as a vibrant brand where its genuine, diverse and honest character provides a unique overview of the revolution in Rioja wine. A tasting session in which we will be combining the history and modernity of its wine cellars.




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