Revaluation of river fish: the paiche (arapaima) in Peruvian catering

Sustainable fishing is key to the Amazonian reserve and also for gastronomy.

For years, the paiche was an irrationally exploited species in the Peruvian Amazon, which depleted the wild populations and led to the species’ survival the being in a vulnerable situation.

Despensa Amazónica (a non-profit organisation created to coordinate the research work in the Amazon carried out by chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino) is currently working with 32 artisanal fishermen from Lake Yarinacocha in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, in order to help increase the sale of the product at better prices and thus improve the fishermen's income.

Schiaffino will also talk about the use of ingredients from the Amazon that were previously unknown in contemporary cooking, research into cooking techniques and the ancestral knowledge of the native communities that inhabit the most biodiverse region on the planet. Pedro Miguel Schiaffino has created innovative cuisine to spread the abundant and highly nutritional pantry of the Peruvian jungle.




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