Sorlut Oysters. From natural tradition to innovation and avant-garde cuisine

A flavour and a texture that are gastronomic legends, which will be reinterpreted to suit contemporary tastes by three great chefs

From being one of Plato's irresistible pleasures in the Ancient Greece to the present day, the oyster has always been a top-level gastronomic product, given the complexity of its flavours (iodine, saltpetre, sweetness...), the dreamlike, exotic nature of its texture and the mythology that has always accompanied it.

Using Sorlut's exclusive products, we will offer three very different perspectives: traditional enjoyment, an avant-garde culinary experience and an innovative vision of the future.

Three different personal interpretations devised and prepared by three great contemporary chefs: Sergio Humada (Casa Humada, Lasarte), Dani López (Kokotxa, San Sebastian), and Rubén González and Jon Urrutikoetxea (ex elBarri de Albert Adrià, now Hamabi, Pamplona).




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