The new reality in pintxo and tapas bars

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The actual bar in a bar is a meeting place, but also a place for interaction with the bartender, cook or restaurateur. Without them, the whole ceremony is lacking.

Among the measures that the catering sector has had to take following the declaration of the pandemic caused by Covid-19 is one that is particularly harsh: a reduction in the use of the actual bar. In our country, the bar is a space to share with friends, acquaintances and regulars of the premises side by side; and it is also the place where you can talk to the bartender, the cook. etc., find out what's happening, what the market has to offer and create that special link between restaurateur and customer. 

In fact, nowadays many restaurants use the bars as a show space, where you can watch the magic going on in the kitchen and the skilful way in which the chefs work. You can eat at the bar and watch the dance routine being performed in the kitchen. 

Knowing what will become of them, what the future holds for them post-Covid will be the aim of this round table at San Sebastian Gastronomika.




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