Frigate Mackerel and Atlantic Mackerel of Andalusia, partners in tasty, healthy gastronomy

Sponsored by Consejería de Agricultura, Ganadería, Pesca y Desarrollo Sostenible. Junta de Andalucía

Leading exponents of the canned fish tradition in Andalusia whose use in cooking highlights the flavour and healthy quality of many dishes

The autonomous community of Andalusia is characterised by its agri-food production, in many cases the result of a tradition, which, in the fishing and canning industry sector, has such representative products as Andalusian Frigate Mackerel and Atlantic Mackerel, both backed up by Protected Geographical Indications.

A completely traditional production process based on a meticulous selection of the raw material endorses the sustainability, flavour and quality of a product with great healthy nutritional value, thanks to its numerous organoleptic qualities. The chef from Jerez, Israel Ramos, from the Mantúa restaurant, which has been awarded a Michelin star, shows you how these canned products can work wonders in your dishes...




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