1st National Chickpea Competition – Tierra de Sabor

Sponsored by Tierra de Sabor

Legumes from Castilla y León in capital letters: from stew to avant-garde cuisine

The versatility of the chickpea makes this legume the main ingredient in a number of dishes, from the more traditional side to new creations that highlight the culinary virtues of the Garbanzo de Fuentesaúco (chickpea from Fuentesaúco), whose Protected Geographical Indication is recognised by the EU as an exceptional product, and of the Pedrosillano (chickpea from Pedrosillano), which is protected by a guarantee mark. The competition aims to bring back the prominence of a superfood that is a fantastic source of vegetable protein and vitamins that modern times have relegated in our cuisine. However, it is capable of playing a major role in dishes destined to write a new chapter of flavour and aromas in our gastronomy from a more conservative or innovative point of view.




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