The tropical fruit of Tenerife. Exotic cuisine with papaya, pineapple, pitaya and mango

Sponsored by Cabildo de Tenerife

Thanks to the Atlantic climate, the exotic fruits of Tenerife have a rare quality, which has propelled them to innovative culinary uses.

The cultivation of tropical fruits in Tenerife is not only one of the most unique and fastest growing areas in its agricultural context, but, due to the excellent characteristics of the fruits thanks to the trade winds, the low thermal differential and the relative humidity, the fruits are not stressed on the tree (which allows them to be kept longer and picked at intervals) and are picked exactly when they are ripe, all of which makes for a thriving, high-quality sub-sector both in terms of healthy eating and in the emergence of the new cuisine from Tenerife.


Chef Diego Schattenhofer will interpret the different uses of exotic fruits applied to the contemporary cuisine of Tenerife from an avant-garde perspective.




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