Bluefin tuna in haute cuisine. Four visions

Sponsored by Balfegó

Martín Berasategui, Mario Sandoval, Alberto Durá and Hideki Matsuhisa will be showing us their vision of one of the most highly valued products in the world: Balfegó blue-fin tuna.

Four benchmark figures in haute cuisine in Spain will be revealing their personal visions of cooking with one of the most highly valued gastronomic products in the world: Balfegó blue-fin tuna. This is a unique opportunity to discover live the different parts of the very best blue-fin tuna in the world creatively handled by four of the best chefs in Spain.

Martín Berasategui. The experience, elegance and technique of the only chef in Spain with twelve Michelin stars.

Mario Sandoval. The creativity, tenacity and subtle approach of the chef who has won over Madrid with the Coque Restaurant** together with his two brothers.

Alberto Durá. The refreshingly original Mediterranean expressiveness of the ANGLE restaurant** (Barcelona).

Hideki Matsuhisa. From Koy Shunka*, a benchmark for Japanese cuisine and the only Japanese restaurant with a Michelin star in Spain.




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