Trees as food

Sponsored by Agencia Estratégica de Turismo de Illes Balears

Consuming what is around us and consuming locally also means being open to the world of trees.

Restaurant Andreu Genestra is located in a very special place: Hotel Predi Son Jaumell, a property listed as a heritage site in Majorca. What most distinguishes the place is its environment and its natural wealth. Its trees.

This is what Genestra will talk about - about how to extract food from trees and not just from their fruit; something that is common in other cultures but is unusual here. There are cultures that make infusions from trees, eat their roots or bark or even the sprouts.
The Majorcan chef has started looking into this line of work with the trees surrounding his own restaurant. Trees with a Mediterranean character that provide very characteristic aromas. He will show us how to make use of primitive flavours that we have always been able to smell, but not taste, by means of techniques such as osmosis, pressure cooking and curdling.




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