Workshop on applying techniques to sea bass

Sponsored by Aquanaria

One fish, many interpretations. Rafa Zafra will show us how to pay homage to the Atlantic sea bass by using different techniques

We will go into Rafa Zafra's kitchen to learn about the many faces of one of the most popular fishes in gastronomy: the Atlantic sea bass. The use of various techniques applied to the same fish will result in totally different mouthfuls of fish, which will be distinctive and suited to the characteristics of each cut.

Rafa Zafra was part of elBulli's team of chefs. He was also executive chef at Hacienda Benazuza and Heart Ibiza. His current restaurants Estimar in Madrid and Barcelona, and the recent Casa Jondal in Ibiza are benchmarks in the use of fish and seafood.

Aquanaria, a national company dedicated to breeding sea bass in a controlled natural environment, will promote this workshop in which its top product, sea bass, will be the star.




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