The importance of produce in Basque gastronomy

Sponsored by Carrasco Ibéricos

Talking about the importance of produce in Basque gastronomy is to talk about the mainstay of a way of understanding cooking.

Roberto Ruiz, the chef from Guipuzcoa, will be talking to us about the importance that suppliers have for him in his cooking. A faithful supporter of local traditional gastronomy, he has always recognised the important role that these play in the value chain of a restaurant. His cooking is based on daily purchases, on really getting to know and establishing a good relationship with suppliers and on what he learns from his producers, who he respects and whose work he acknowledges, as it provides him with added value. 

Carrasco Ibéricos and Exclusivas Mardu, with Francisco Carrasco and Jon Eizagirre as kitchen assistants, will be preparing traditional recipes based on Carrasco’s Iberian produce. A highly regarded product in Guipuzcoan gastronomy, not just for its classic acorn-fed Iberian ham, but also for its Iberian cuts like the “pluma”, “secreto” and “lagarto”, among others, which will be the centre of attention today.
This is an activity that aims to be entertaining and informal in which chef and suppliers open up and show us the bright side of their relationship. 




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