Selassie Atadika

Chef at Midunu (Accra, Ghana)

Selassie Atadika reveals African cuisine to us with a contemporary discourse full of cultural references.

Born in Ghana she moved to the USA where she graduated from Columbia University and worked at the United Nations. However, Selassie had enjoyed herself since she was a child among the pots and pans in her kitchen at home, and after years of learning on her own, Atadika completed her gastronomic training at the Culinary Institute of America.

After forming part of the Trio Toque project, the first nomadic restaurant in Dakar (Senegal), Atadika decided to take her research into African cuisine to her country when she opened her restaurant, Midunu. Midunu starts out from a particular approach to the concept of nomadic cooking which the chef calls New African Cuisine. Her creations are a representation of the flavours and essences of West African culture.

Selassie Atadika




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