Pedro Sánchez

Chef at Bagá* (Jaén, Spain)

A personal project that merged from his desire for freedom has brought him recognition. His Bagá shows that doing something that you really believe in is fundamental.

Pedro Sánchez began his solo career after almost two decades in the kitchen at Casa Antonio (Jaén), having previously worked at renowned kitchens like the ones at Bagnols (France), Martín Berasategui (Lasarte) or Tragabuches (Ronda). In Bagá, which opened in 2017 in his home town, he cooks in a simple way but with intense flavours and textures, his signature dishes include such personal items as Motril shrimps with pickled partridge, goat kidneys with caviar or beef tartar with smoked eel, which always make quite clear the town that is his home. As for its layout, Bagá is not a typical restaurant either; it is more like a French bistro with a counter with four stools and only three tables, with total capacity for 15 diners.

This year the premises entered the Top 100+ European list de OAD for the first time, in 30th place and is the third best Spanish restaurant. It was the first Michelin star in Jaén.

Pedro Sánchez




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