Pablo González Conejero

Chef at Cabaña Buenavista** (El Palmar-Murcia, Spain)

Cooking is flavour, for Pablo González Conejero, and it is this kind of potency in his flavours that defines the cuisine that he offers

After working at various restaurants in several other places in Spain, González Conejero came back to his native province, Murcia, where he began to establish a gastronomic identity of his own that would end up crystallising into his Cabaña Buenavista project. A restaurant that is something really special, as it is the only one with two Michelin stars in the region. It is a symbol of the recognition of Murcian cuisine.

They say that he is a genius at organising weddings and large events, as he has an extraordinary sensibility for big productions. However its charm in its forms does not mean that his cooking lacks substance: Murcian flavours, well executed recipes… Tasty cooking, in short, one of the key values that González Conejero provides his creations with.

Pablo González Conejero




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