Jordi Vilà

Chef at Alkimia* (Barcelona, Spain)

Keeping things up-to-date is essential. That’s the philosophy followed by Jordi Vilà, who is in charge of a kitchen that aims to create thrills and surprises.

After working with two of the most important chefs on the Barcelona scene –Jean Louis Neichel and Jean Luc Figueras-, in 1998 Vilà opened Abrevadero, where he already began to offer a fresh, creative cuisine with deep Catalan roots that he has never given up. He didn’t do so in 2002 when he opened Alkimia, nor in 2016 when he moved it to the Moritz factory. Since 2011, this chef from Barcelona has been in charge of the food offered at all the bars run by the Barcelona brewery (including El Velódromo, one of the most famous bars in the Catalan capital).

Nowadays, Jordi Vilà is considered to be one of the best Catalan chefs, as well as a modernizer of gastronomy and cuisine in Barcelona.

Jordi Vilà




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