Javier Olleros

Chef at Culler de Pau* (O Grove, Spain)

A love for Galician produce, and a cuisine with very distinctive flavours, just like Galicia itself: this is what Javier Olleros’s work in the kitchen is like.

After studying at the Public Catering School in Santiago de Compostela, Javier Olleros inherited his father’s profession, a chef who had emigrated to Switzerland, and his mother’s savoir faire, both of them owners of the Hotel Mar Atlántico in the town of O Grove in Pontevedra, where years later he opened his restaurant, Culler de Pau, which now has a Michelin star.

He learned how to cook with his parents in the hotel and in the practical training that he did in the months that it was closed, which led him to cook with Sergi Arola, Martín Berasategui or Seiji Yamamoto (Tokyo). At Culler de Pau, Olleros reproduces the love he has for Galician local produce, which is at the heart of his personal creations. Cooking with really distinctive, intense flavours is what is really his thing, just like the gastronomy and produce of Galicia.

Javier Olleros




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