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Carlos Torres Elisa Rodríguez

Chef and maitre at La Buena Vida (Madrid, España)

Seasonal produce is the key to the gastronomic proposal run by Carlos and Elisa. Eating what’s in season, when it’s in season. That’s all.

Partners in their personal and professional lives, Carlos Torres and Elisa Rodríguez are in charge of one of the most emblematic bistros in Madrid, the La Buena Vida restaurant, right at the heart of the Salesas neighbourhood. Based here –he’s in the kitchen while she’s in the dining room-, they preach the gospel of seasonal produce and cooking.  

Oblivious to trends, they have discovered how to create a humble, personal cuisine that has earned them the trust and respect of a faithful clientele. Rather than restaurateurs, they consider themselves to be merely food lovers, and their project emerged from this passion and their studies.

Carlos Torres Elisa Rodríguez




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