Who hasn’t dreamed of Hilario’s precious cuisine, that exalts the very noblest tastes through its modern polychrome harmonic elements? He is the great maestro of “neo-classical” Basque cuisine, who is more and more refined, purer, and elegant each year; the personification of our most intimate gourmet desires. Inscrutable are the ways of culinary subtlety in the hands of the Arbelaitz family…


Tuna tartar, pickles, roasted tomatoes with its essence and galanga
Confited cod fish chin “kokotxa”, celery turnip and cod fish cream
Braised lobster, lemon emulsion and its own caramel
Preserved and temperated alain squid, squid juice, pickled and crispy sweet onion
Egg yolk, flan of foie-gras and mushrooms
Roasted angler-fish, its collagen sauce and sauted zucchini
Lamb loin, violet potato purée with its crispy, roasted vegetables and crumbs
Roasted pigeon, liver toast and turnip filled with mushrooms
Macerated seasonal fruits, lemongrass sorbet
Hazelnut and chocolate set, milk ice-cream

Price: 135 €

Address: Araneder Bidea, Barrio Iturriotz, s/n
Town: Oiartzun
Phone: 943 491 228