Established among the greats, Josean Alija is the culinary demiurge who reveals to us the genuine essence and even spirituality of the raw materials that surround him. Placing special emphasis on greens, this virtuoso chef takes minimalism as a starting point to blast us into a universe beyond our reach full of unprecedented sensations.

Green olives gazpacho
Fried tuna with alegría

Tomatoes, aromatic herbs and capers juice
Eggplant, licorice and olive oil yogurt
Mackerel in olives marinade
Shrimps, cauliflower and roe sauce
Prawn consommé, nata de coco and curry
Hake kokotxa, cabbage and pink pepper
Stewed abalone and octopus
Squid confit, cabbage and pink pepper
Sopako bread soup, tomato and tuna heart
White tuna belly with spring onion cream
Lamb’s tongue, vegetable toffee and sherry
Quail, almond and potato purée with wheat juice
Lemon pie, almonds, honey and rosemary
Cherries, pine nuts and hibiscus ice cream

Sweet bites…
Aireated chocolate
Raspberry and elderberry macarron
Rice puding beignet

Price: €131,81+VAT (€145 VAT included).


Address: 2 Abandoibarra Av.
City: Bilbao
Phone number: 940 000 430