It is not easy to find a spectacular location and cuisine combined in the same premises. But then we come across the Mirador de Ulia. The paths to San Sebastian and the Cantabrian Sea are unique and definitive; Rubén Trincado’s culinary talent is insatiable, unorthodox, and ebullient: Basque avant-garde cooking projected onto the scenery.



Our hand made cheese with herbs and pickled vegetables
Tuna mackerel during 18 days, with pickled onion and pistachio hinst
Lobster with base of plactonesa, tender lettuce, pickles, tomato ice cream and shades of sea
Anguilla on tiger and beet water, together with foie, crunchy seaweed and olive sphere
Txitxas with chives foam and quail eggs at low temperature
Rice with clams on fire
As a sorbet, frozen apple with cider juice
Duck at low temperature, apple osmosis, hazelnut praline and sweet candied sunflower seeds
Chocolate ganache with currant and smoked latxa and gooseberry sheep milk
Idiazabal cheese carpaccio, apple mousse, dried nuts and goat ice cream cheese

Prize: 120€ VAT included (It does not include drinks)

The menu has to be ordered by all dinners and there are vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options too.


Address: Pº de Gracia, 193
City: Donostia – San Sebastián
Phone number: 943 272 707