There is not much to say at this point about the past, present and future importance (thanks to the spirited creativity provided by Elena , Juan Mari’s daughter) of this truly great restaurant, which was not just the starting point for Spanish contemporary cuisine, but which continues to be a worldwide benchmark in the most surprisingly innovative approaches to the wealth of Basque cuisine understood in all its cosmopolitan scope.


“To define Arzak’s current cuisine, we would have to refer to five factors that shape his hallmarks of identity. It’s signature cuisine, with a distinct personality. It is Basque cuisine, in origin and spirit, and above all it is based on certain tastes, or taste idiosyncrasy: a way of being and, in this case, a way of eating within a community, the Basque one, which must be respected. Another string to his culinary bow is research, which is very important in the development of all business areas, including the creative aspect of course. So, it is evolutionary cooking. Not cooking that dies of success or that lives on the glory of a series of perfect formulas, but one which needs to be constantly advancing to avoid stagnation.

And that brings us to the end of these definitions: this is avant-garde cuisine, not a clone of other culinary leaders, everything is embraced, and this includes leading, along with other great chefs, Basque cuisine, and Spanish cuisine, keeping them at the forefront of permanent renewal.”

Price: 214,50€ VAT included (without drinks)
Address: Avenida del Alcalde José Elosegi, 273
Donostia-San Sebastián
943 27 84 65