“Amelia is a dream, an instrument to transmit culture, where our hosts undergo a journey. A cultural journey, a different journey. Our kitchen is a collection of experiences and provenances.  We demonstrate the Argentinian roots of Paulo, with Italian nuances. A intense trajectory, with Michelin star, included in Geneva, using and practicing French techniques but also techniques from the different places where we have lived.
In Amelia, 90% of the preparations go through our grill, our embers, something that characterizes and distinguishes us. We want to offer an honest kitchen. The simple is not always easy since the execution has to be perfect in order to guarantee the level that we want to offer”

Our menu is based in 12 dishes, although the quantity may vary according to the season.

Price: €126,364+VAT (€139 VAT included).

Address: C/Prim, 34
Town: Donostia – San Sebastián
Phone: 943 845 647