The Alameda is still a family eatery in Hondarribia, on the banks of the Bidasoa, run by three grandchildren of the business’s first cook: our grandmother, who taught us that the shorter the distance between the land and the stove the better.

Artisan sheep´s milk butter
(with our natural leaven bread)

Tomato soup with Idiazabal cheese

Cream of cod in batter

Foie gras and sea caviar bonbon

Jaizubia tomato fresh herb pesto and anchovy.

Cold red tuna stew with guindilla peppers

Tender spring onions in textures

Charcoal-grilled fish of the day with vegetables greens

Roasted Zudaire duck with its ragout

Melon lemonade

Spiced chocolate, beer and ginger

Basque artisan shepherd´s cheeses

Price: 92€

Mirasoroeta Kalea 1
20280 Hondarribia

+34 943 64 27 89