Narisawa Restaurant (Tokyo, Japan)

He was born on April 11, 1969 and studied culinary arts in France, Switzerland and Italy.
He returned to Japan at the age of 26 and opened his first restaurant, La Napoule.

He opened Les Créations de Narisawa in November 2003 in the famous district of Tokyo called Minami Aoyama. The philosophy and universal vision of Narisawa’s cooking are: (i) that all products must be naturally grown, being faithful to each season of the year and the environment, (ii) there must be respect for life in nature and at the same time responsibility for taking life from nature and (iii) to transcend the category of French cuisine and evolve into a personal style of cuisine.

Les Créations de Narisawa, now known as Narisawa, is a restaurant with a minimalist decor, in three shades of colour: white, dark brown and black.

It is ranked number 6 in the 50 Best in Asia and number 18 in the World’s 50 Best. It has two Michelin stars.