Central Restaurant (Lima)

He was born in 1977 in Lima (Peru). Virgilio chose to approach the great diversity of Peruvian ingredients in a similar way to that used by the peoples of the Andes in pre-Hispanic times: through the vertical control of ecological floors. According to this alternative way of understanding geography, terrain is perceived not as a horizontal plane but vertically, in such a way as to take advantage of everything that the flora and fauna are capable of offering, depending on the particulars of each ecological system. As a result of the dramatic fluctuations in the terrain in the Andean region, in a relatively small radius of 100 kilometres (traversed on foot without difficulty by many farmers), you can directly access products from various altitudes ranging from the coast to the Amazon region of the country.

Apart from Central in Lima, Virgilio has restaurants in London, the UAE and the jewel in his crown, MIL, in the Andes near Cuzco.

It is at No. 1 in the 50 Best Latin American Restaurants and 6th in the World’s 50 Best. He has a Michelin for his restaurant Lima in London.