Quilon restaurant (Londres – INDIA)

Sriram Aylur started out in the restaurant business with his father, who inspired him with a passion for food that led him to study at the Indian Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition.  In 1989 he joined the Taj hotel group, where he rapidly rose through the ranks to become executive chef at the Hotel Gateway in Bangalore. He later founded what was to be the award-winning Karavali restaurant, which earned him a series of honours, such as being chosen one of the five best restaurants in India by the British magazine, New Statesman, and one of the five best chefs in India by the Telegraph. Since he became executive chef at the Quilon, he has received awards and praise for his knowledge, his passion for food and the way he combines creative techniques and fresh ingredients to reach the very highest level in modern Indian cuisine.

He is passionate about the philosophy that lies behind the Quilon – contemporary cooking from the south coast of India, a predilection for the freshest ingredients and a playful desire to combine traditional home cooking with modern dishes to achieve a unique and exciting experience. Sriram imports more fresh Indian spices than any other Indian restaurant in Great Britain and meticulously grinds and mixes them to create special recipes for the Quilon. His aim is to create contemporary South Indian cuisine, while always respecting its essence.