Dos cielos Restaurant (Barcelona)

Javier & Sergio Torres’ love of cooking began when they were four years old, at the hand of their grandmother Catalina. They soon began studying cookery and working in the kitchen of the Reno restaurant in Barcelona and the Girasol in Alicante, two icons of Spanish haute cuisine.

Their careers have taken them to the best kitchens in the world:

Sergio has worked at the Reno and the Neichel (**) in Barcelona, at the Señorío de Bertiz in Madrid, and the Akelarre in San Sebastian, at Le Jardin des Sens in Montpellier and at the Alain Ducasse and Plaza Atenée in Paris.

Javier has worked at the Girasol de Moraira (Alacant), the Neichel and the Reno in Barcelona, the Racó de Can Fabes in Barcelona and at Philippe Rochat (formerly Fredy Girardet) in Crissier (Switzerland).

In 2002 they decided to join the Rodat in Javea as chefs and partners. In 2007 they took a trip to Brazil, fell in love with the country and embarked on a project to open a haute cuisine restaurant there. It was called Eñe, and was located in Sao Paulo. In late 2009 they opened a second Eñe in Rio de Janeiro, but before that in 2008 they saw their childhood dream come true as they opened their own restaurant on the 24thfloor of the new Hotel ME Barcelona (now the Melià Barcelona Sky) in their home city. Its name, Dos Cielos (“two little angels”) recalls their grandmother’s nickname for them as children.

Dos Cielos won the award for Best Restaurant of the Year in the National Gastronomy Awards of the Catalan Academy, and earned its first Michelin star in 2010.

In 2013 and 2014 the Torres brothers wrote their first book: “De la tierra al Cielo” [“From Earth to Heaven”], which was unveiled at the St George’s Day festivities in 2014.

Their first media project was the TV show “Cocinados” [“Cooked”] on the Travel Channel and on TVE1. In 2015 they began a new TV show with the title “Torres en la cocina” [“Torres in the Kitchen”]. Their second book, with the same title, is a tie-in with recipes from the show.