Gofio restaurant (Madrid)

Run by the Canarian chef Safe Cruz, Gofio (open in 2015) in Madrid is a (surprisingly) unprecedented version of New Canarian Cuisine. Safe, 30 years-of-age, works each day with a strong commitment to offering consumers a different kind of product, that is utterly unconventional, and 100% Canarian with unique flavours, but isn’t a copy of anything and has no obvious models, except for its roots in traditional Canarian cooking.

At Gofio, the aromas, flavours and tradition of Canarian cooking combine perfectly with the innovative and daring approach of a team determined to take Canarian cuisine as far as it can go.

Safe, a self-taught chef, first opened a bar with his wife, Cícero Canary, in Madrid (2013), he later studied cookery in the capital, took a Master’s degree at the BCC and various courses (Hoffmann, Camerena…) until he opened Gofio, which has been a great success.