Boragó Restaurant (Santiago de Chile, Chile)

Having been part of top restaurants in Chile and Europe and worked in every position in a kitchen, Rodolfo Guzmán set up his own restaurant, Borago, at the end of 2006. There his cooking was based on seasonality and deep knowledge of the Chilean region.

But not only that. Along with his team, he dedicated himself to documenting the uses and properties of Chile’s endemic pantry and exploring new possibilities, mainly using ingredients that were never taken into account or considered in modern Chilean society. The vast majority of them were the food of the Mapuche people for thousands of years.  This has resulted in a strong collaborative effort, with more than 200 people between gathering communities and small producers throughout the country and behind the restaurant. For years, this has allowed him to have access to a unique product in the world, with an immense cultural background, becoming a true seasonal ritual today for the team of Boragó.

It is ranked number 27 in The World’s 50 Best and number 5 in the 50 Best in Latin America.