Miramar restaurant, Lança

He was born in Huelva, despite the fact that six months later the family moved to Llançà, where he has lived ever since. He was fascinated by cooking (he even went so far as to “invent” a pizza by cooking it in the sun) and at the age of 12 he began working in the family tapas bar, which is where what would later become passion was conceived.

From that moment on, Paco combined his studies with training and culinary work during the summer holidays in different restaurants. Later he carried on his training in France with Michel Guèrard and, back in Catalonia, he became identified with the creativity of Ferran Adrià at El Bulli, with whom he worked at different stages, becoming influenced by the new culinary revolution from its inception.

After marrying Montse Serra, the owner with his family of the Miramar in Llançà, and working in absolute synergy, they dealt with the problem of developing the Miramar together, transforming it from the traditional restaurant that it was into the gastronomic, contemporary, avant-garde restaurant that it is today, turning it in the end into a place of pilgrimage for gourmets from all over the world.

What has always been a family business now has two Michelin stars, international recognition and justified renown for unique creativity. Paco Perez, who has never abandoned his taste for Mediterranean tradition and the products from its rich marine environment, has made a commitment with his menu to creative high-voltage cuisine where the most spectacular techniques collide in textures and flavours, recreating new, complex concepts that have made and are making Miramar one of the must-visit benchmarks of the culinary art on the planet.

Paco Perez has another two Michelin stars for his Enoteca Miramar (Hotel Arts, Barcelona), one for 5 (Hotel Das Stue, Berlin) and he advises other establishments such as Doble, L Royale (Barcelona) and  Alábriga hotel (Costa Brava).