Noor Restaurant, Córdoba

Paco, a disciple of Andoni Luis Aduriz, revolutionised the culinary scene in Madrid a few years ago by taking a risk with minimalism, impossible contrasts and great boldness regarding concepts and texture.

He was born in Cordoba in 1981, into the heart of a family dedicated to the restaurant industry (Asador de Nati) in which he was trained. Later, in 1999, he started to move: Diagonal (Zaragoza), Guggenheim Bilbao, Mugaritz, El Bulli and Mugaritz again, where he ended up in the R&D department working closely with Andoni. From 2007 to 2009 he was successful at the Senzone in the hotel Hospes (Madrid) and afterwards, at the restaurant of the hotel Ferrero in the Community of Valencia. Despite his youth, he has a lot of accreditations: Award for the best cook in the 21st century under the age of 30, awarded by the National Academy of Gastronomy; best new restaurant in 2007 in the El Mundo newspaper Metrópoli Awards: 2008 Bacalao Giraldo award for the best cod dish; “Star of the future” awarded by Lo mejor de la Gastronomia in 2009; Best Chef awarded by Madrid Fusión; “Creative cuisine” award at the 4th edition of the “Salsa de Chile 2011” gastronomic award; 1st place in the “10 best dishes of the year” awarded by the magazine “Vino+Gastronomía” for the dish “Unseasoned oysters with raw sheep’s milk, essence of lamb and tangy herb pesto”…

He currently runs Noor (Córdoba), the restaurant where he has transferred the Andalusian culinary heritage to the contemporary avant-garde. It has a Michelin star.