Disfrutar restaurant (Barcelona)

Oriol, Mateu y Eduard are 3 chefs that met, trained professionally and worked together for more than 16 years at the elBulli restaurant. This restaurant received broad international recognition, especially due to its creative side, run by Ferran Adrià and Juli Soler.

For several years they held the posts with the highest level of responsibility in the restaurant kitchen. From 1998 onwards together with Albert and Ferran Adrià they formed the creative team at elBulli until it closed in 2011.

In July 2011, when the elBulli restaurant closed down to begin its transformation into the elBulli Foundation, the 3 were still linked to the elBulli Foundation, and began to work together with Ferran Adrià on very actively conceptualising the Bullipedia until November 2014.

In 2012 they decided to join together and make an idea come true that had been on their minds for a long time: having a restaurant of their own.

So, in April 2012 the Compartir Cadaqués restaurant opened.  This restaurant, located in a really delightful and magical village like Cadaqués, offers some modern culinary dishes sprinkled with traditional suggestions to share in the middle of the table in an idyllic Mediterranean setting.

As a result of Compartir having become established, in December 2014 they decided to open their second restaurant with a culinary approach that clearly opted for cutting-edge tasting menu formats. This is how Disfrutar Barcelona came about.

Disfrutar is a restaurant designed to ensure that customers enjoy highly creative cooking to the full. In the tasting menus that it offers, one with 18 dishes and the other with 25, what it aims for, through cutting-edge cuisine with strong traditional roots, is for customers to feel relaxed, happy, and to enjoy some surprisingly edgy cuisine

In just one year they have received the National Award for Culinary Arts and have been declared “Best new European Restaurant by the Opinionated About Dining guide.

They have now two  Michelin stars. In 2017 they have been “Breakthrough Restaurant” in the 50 Best Restaurants list and at the same time they have shot into the same list in 9th place.