Nur Restaurant, Cús Restaurant and Nachō Mama Restaurant, Fez (Morocco)

With a long story that starts in San Sebastián, where she was born into a Moroccan farming family who had emigrated to the Basque Country, her talent and her tenacity have taken her right to the very top of international haute cuisine, until, finally, she went back to “her” Morocco to astonish the world, from the Medina in Fez, with an “authentically authentic return to her roots” that is nonetheless inspired by her productive career in the very best kitchens in the world.

Her training is indisputable: after studying at the CETT (Barcelona, El Bulli (Girona), Noma (Copenhagen), French Laundry (California), Per Se (New York) and Alinea (Chicago). And after El Bulli closed, she also travelled all over the world, and is known as “The pilgrim chef”.

With several restaurants of her own –such as El Cús, in Mexico City- and many others before this, as well as being an activist with the Zimba Women Project (Morocco) or the Six Ingredients Foundation, this highly versatile female chef returned to her age-old Morocco in order to revive the purest forgotten flavours of North African culture, by following a highly sensitive approach that is nevertheless based on non-technological traditions. At the same time she has given voice to and stressed the importance of local producers, without making any concessions.

Her Nur restaurant has won the award for the best restaurant in Morocco presented by World Luxury Awards for three years running.