Casa Marcial Restaurant (Arriondas)

Nacho Manzano (Asturias, 1971). At the age of 22 he took the reins of the family business, Casa Marcial, where he gained his second Michelin star in 2009 and three suns in the Repsol Guide.

He was awarded the Marqués de Busianos prize by the Royal Academy of Gastronomy for spreading Spanish cuisine abroad (2012), the 2012 Asturcón del Año award (Majada de Espineres, Asturias) and the Chef Millesime 2013 gastronomic prize. He has won the FEHR National Hotel and Restaurant Award 2013, for the Iberian restaurants he advises in Great Britain, of which he has been a partner and gastronomic director since 2009 (five restaurants in London, one in Manchester, one in Leeds and one in Glasgow).

Nacho Manzano is also the owner, together with his sisters Esther and Sandra, of the urban restaurant La Salgar in Gijon, run by Esther Manzano, which has 1 sun in the Repsol Guide and 1 Michelin star. In 2014 he opened Gloria Casa de Comidas in Oviedo, an earthy, urban, modern restaurant. In May 2016, he opened Gloria Gijón.