Martin Berasategui restaurant (Lasarte)

Ten Michelin stars, international fame and a real culinary empire: a tireless traveller and curious by nature, he has worked with Jean Paul Heinard, François Brouchican, André Mandion, Bernard Lacarrau, Alain Ducasse and Didier Oudill.

In 1993 after running the Bodegón Alejandro for years, where he won a star in 1986, he opened his restaurant in Lasarte. 

Since then he has received, among many others, the following awards: Fourchette d’Argent, Best Spanish Confectioner (LMG), Best Spanish Chef 1996 (Spanish Academy of Gastronomy), Grand Prix of Culinary arts from the International Academy of Culinary arts, Best Basque Restaurateur (Basque Academy of Culinary Arts), Best Chef 1997 (LMG), 98.3 points in the Guida delle Guide (2004), Golden Drum Award in San Sebastián (2005), and named one of the best chefs in Europe in the Miljonair Awards…

Martin, whose cooking could be defined as being light, imaginative, fresh, immediate and prepared using a refined approach, also writes books and runs a beautiful farmhouse surrounded by greenery on all sides. He is a consultant for the MB restaurant at the Abama hotel in Tenerife, with two Michelin stars; Loidi and Fonda España in Barcelona; he has restaurants in Bilbao, in Mexico, in the Dominican Republic…In 2017 Martin’s Lasarte restaurant (Hotel Monument), has become the first three-star restaurant in Barcelona.