Restaurante Adunia (Madrid)

Manolo de la Osa, born in Cuenca, is one of the models for the younger contemporary generation of chefs. A Maestro for chefs who now have their own Michelin stars, such as Álvaro Garrido at Mina; Daniel Ochoa and Luis Moreno, at Montia; or Ricardo González, at El Retiro, among others. More than 30 years ago he opened Las Rejas, in Las Pedroñeras (Cuenca) together with his family, and very soon he received 1 Michelin star and 3 Repsol suns.

From a very early age Manolo began watching his grandmother, his mother and his aunts cook in the bar Manolo, where they prepared sumptuous stews. He then began his professional and personal training. A self-made chef, he has never worked for anybody nor has he worked in any other kitchen that is not his own.

His cooking is inspired by the old traditional Manchegan recipes, which he adds a touch of modernity and ingenuity to.

He has won some important awards such as the “Castilla La Mancha Restaurant ” Prize and has been national “Chef of the Year” for several years. He also won the National Gastronomy Award for Best Chef in 1998.

The reinvention of the role played by garlic in contemporary gastronomy is due to Manolo de la Osa. He has turned such a humble noble product like garlic, the purple garlic of his homeland, the quintessential product of Las Pedroñeras, into something sublime and his renowned cold garlic soup is one of his iconic dishes.

In 2010 Manolo de la Osa opened the Ars Natura restaurant, inside what is currently the Cuenca Paleontological Museum, and won another Michelin star in record time, which he kept until the Nature Interpretation Centre closed.

The definitive step came with his move to Madrid, with the opening of Adunia, which is planned for September 2016. His arrival in Madrid is something that the national gastronomy sector has been expecting for quite some time.