As chef and owner of the restaurant that bears her name, which is part the De Castro Group family business in the Mallorcan town of Alcúdia, Maca de Castro is considered to be the Spanish chef with the greatest influence by the majority of specialist critics.

Born in 1981 and trained at the Escola d’Hosteleria de les Illes Balears, her career has grown and is based on her time and stay with some of the most outstanding chefs of recent years, such as Hilario Arbelaitz (Zuberoa), Andoni Luis Aduriz (Mugaritz), Manolo de la Osa (Las Rejas), Willy Dufresne, Julian Serrano (Picasso), the Arzaks and the Coussaus at he Relais de la Poste in the Landes department.

A thoughtful chef and expert on her revered, exceptional local island products, bold in terms of how she composes her creations, always imaginative in terms of staging and groundbreaking in terms of harmonies, Maca has taken her Mallorcan cuisine to the top, obtaining a Michelin star and 3 suns from the Repsol Guide. It is cuisine that looks like it has come from another galaxy in a land of eminently traditional customs and culinary preferences. This background has allowed her to consolidate her position as a regular participant at the most important thematic congresses in the world.