Garum in the kitchen of L’Escaleta

L’Escaleta Restaurant (Cocentaina)

Francisco Moya Redrado was born in Cocentaina. His parents, aunts and uncles opened L’Eescaleta in the same town.  Aged 14, Kiko enrolled in the dining room.  Having just finished his studies of Advanced Catering Studies at CDT Alicante, taking advantage of a talk given by Jose Mari Arzak and Ferrán Adrià, he got a stint at El Bulli

After his initiation at El Bulli, Kiko left to get more practical experience at Talaia Barcelona and El Celler de Can Roca. In 2000, L’Escaleta moved to a country house at the foot of the impressive Montcabrer, which would be subsequently be expanded. There, he gained experience in all of the different areas of the kitchen. At first, Ramiro Redrado was at the helm of the kitchens, while Francisco Moya was in charge of the dining room and acted as sommelier. With the transition to the second generation, represented by Alberto Redrado and Kiko Moya, the roles were reversed, with the latter taking over the kitchen and the former awarded Best Sommelier of 2009 by the Royal Academy of Gastronomy and becoming part of the Brotherhood of Good Food, for service in the dining room. This did not prevent the continuous consultations between the two being the prologue and essence of any dish prepared at L’Escaleta, which has had a Michelin star since 2001 and all the plaques and metopes that one of the best restaurants in the Community of Valencia can aspire to.