4 amb 5 Mujades Restaurant (Barcelona)

Joaquín Coll. Educated in Hospitality Management at the Hofmann School. He has worked at the Zuberoa, Gaig, Petit Comité, Bentley’s, etc. In 2011 he joined the Comerç 24 as nº 2 and after assisting Carles Abellán in the opening of restaurants in Montreal (Canada) and Seville (Ena) he bécame head chef at the amb 5 Mujades in 2015.

Toni Romero. Graduate of the Lleida Hospitality and Tourism College. He has worked at the El Bulli, Akelarre, Zalacain, Pic (France) and Suculent. He is a partner in La taverna del Suculent and the 4 amb 5 Mujades.