El Celler de Can Roca Restaurant, Girona

He was only 9 when he put on a chef’s jacket for the first time to help his mother in the family restaurant. Currently, he is running his own project, along with his two brothers, Josep (sommelier and maître d’) and Jordi (pastry chef).

The Somni (2013), the first multi-sensory gastro opera staged by the Roca brothers, was a creative process crossed with more than 50 artists and sensory specialists over nearly two years of creative and experimental work. The restaurant currently is leading a botanical research project called Terra Animada, which has catalogued the wild species around the restaurant for their gastronomic recovery.

With the Cooking Tour Experience, the chef led not only the first international tour of a restaurant, but also a powerful programme to develop culinary talent, which started in Latin America this year and will continue internationally in the upcoming annual editions.

Probably, his contributions to controlled sous-vide cooking at low temperature has transformed the way of looking at immediate cuisine in the 21st century.He has collaborated with various university programmes such as the Science & Cooking course at Harvard. In 2015, he was invited by the World Economic Forum to join the board of cultural leaders.

Among his many awards: The Celler de Can Rock has had 3 Michelin stars since 2009; Joan Roca is in the top ten best chefs in the world in Le Chef, a list voted on by a jury of 512 Michelin stars (2015); the Celler de Can Roca is the best restaurant of the world, 50 Best Restaurants of the World, Restaurant Magazine; Joan Roca, Grand Prix de l’Art de la Gastronomie by the Académie Internationale de la Gastronomie (2012); Joan Roca was chosen by more than 1000 gastronomic journalists as one of the 20 most influential chefs in Madrid Fusion; Joan Roca, Doctor Honoris Causa from the University of Girona (2011) and Joan Roca was chosen as Chef of the Year by the Spanish Academy of Gastronomy (2000).

This year he has been declared No. 2 in World’s 50 Best Restaurants, leaving the first position he had last year.