Cenador de Amós restaurant  (Villaverde de Pontones)

Jesús Sánchez (1974) studied at the Casa de Campo catering school in Madrid and took pastry-making & confectionery courses at the Bakers’ and Confectioners’ Association in Madrid.
In 1993, together with his wife Marián Martínez, he opened the Cenador de Amós. In 1995 the Michelin Guide awarded them a star. It currently has two as well as three Repsol suns. He won the Arco Atlántico Award for Best Cantabrian Chef 2013 and Best Contemporary Classic Restaurant at Madrid Fusión 2015.

He works with various TV and radio stations. He has published “La cocina del Cantábrico”. In 2012 the Botín Foundation chose him to run the new Botín Centre in Santander.