Zuberoa restaurant (Oiartzun)

This emblematic restaurant is run by Hilario Arbelaitz, a chef with elegant and refined manners in the way that he exalts the most important Basque products, which he treats with respect but has added some powerfully evolutionary sparks to.

In his long career as a chef he has received numerous prizes such as: National Gastronomy Award (1991), Prize for Best Chef in the Basque Country (1993), 2 Michelin Guide stars for 15 years (currently 1), 3 CAMPSA Pumps and 9.5 points in the Gourmetour Guide.

 Zuberoa is located in the village of Oiartzun, 10 Km. way from San Sebastián. The house is the oldest one in the village and is more than 600 years old. It was here that he began working at the age of 20 with his mother in the kitchen and he learnt Basque traditional cuisine with her. After 10 years with his mother, a fortnight that he spent with Maurice Isabal at Ithurria Restaurant in Ainhoa (French Basque Country) opened up his eyes and he began to prepare modernised versions of traditional Basque dishes but without forgetting his roots.