For some years now, the Getaria Maritime Culinary Association has been immersed in a thorough process of research into the development of the grill in Getaria.

The first notes about it appear in Juan Sebastian Elcano’s testament and, since then, the fishermen and people of the town have developed a particular way of doing things and a great deal of expertise in relation to the grill.

This “know-how” has been passed down through the generations. As a result, the environment and the landscape have evolved into what we know today as the culinary landscape.

The Association, which is made up of several restaurants in Getaria (Elkano, Kaia-Kaipe, Txoko Getaria, Balearri and Astillero), teachers and historians, is trying to rediscover the culture and know-how of this fishing village so that it is not forgotten and prospers in the future.

The Association has set itself the goal of recounting this identity, giving value to the people behind it and teaching the world how to cook on the grill.

Participants in the presentation:

Xabier Alberdi (Historian and director of the San Sebastian Naval Museum)

Aitor Arregi (Elkano Restaurant – 1 Michelin star)

Enrique Fleischmann (Txoko Getaria Restaurant and Bailara Restaurant. Chef-Director of Fleischmann´s Cooking Group)

Igor Arregi (Kaia-Kaipe Restaurant)

Markel Iribar (Balearri Restaurant)

Gorka Lazkano (Astillero Restaurant)

Xabier Aldalur (Lecturer. Director of Hotel Azkue)