Les Cols restaurant (Olot)

Radical in form, avant-garde in her forward-looking vision, sustainable in her creativity; Fina Puigdevall not only has a space that is highly provocative and unique on the planet (restaurant, banquet halls) designed in a search for total transparency and a complex integration into its environment, but she was also one of the first to follow the path of 0-km cuisine and progressive in creating a creative menu where there is nothing that does not form part of her surroundings. This means that the concept at Les Cols achieves perfect synergy between contemporary subversion and respect for the environment.

Her idea of cookery is based on an opulent kind of minimalism, in which the formal aspects are based on very few items and the conceptual side forces us to take an entertaining journey along winding paths that head towards its final essence. Highly sensitive direct sensations that always lead us to the surrounding horizons and explain stories, flavours and impressions…

Fina has won numerous awards for the design of her spaces and for her cooking. These include: Diploma for Merit in Tourism in Catalonia; FAD; Contract World Award… She has given a course at Harvard University.

She has two Michelin stars.